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· Living the Constitution at 25: Commemorating the anniversary of the Constitution and Remembering Mandela Add to calendar

Past events


· One year after Mahlangu: Taking stock of domestic work in South Africa

· From Codesa to Today - The Struggles and Victories of Women Mobilising for the Constitution

· The 19th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture

· Public Solidarity Towards Radical Reform

· Robben Island Rainbow Dreams: The making of democratic South Africa's first national heritage institution

· Electoral Reform: Can we build a better democracy?

· Making cities a home: achieving urban land reform

· Queer Equality: Has the Constitution Delivered on its Promise of Dignity for All?

· September Amnesia: Reckoning with the life and still unexplained murder of Dulcie September


· The Bonds That Bind Us: Remembering Madiba in a Time of Global Fracture

· Achmat Dangor Memorial

· Making Universal Healthcare, Universal

· The 18th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture

· Beyond liberty: a new social contract